Figurative painting was the last style I tackled in my painting career, during Donal Trums political campaign to voice my views with the contentious piece, ‘A Tramp Without Rags’.when, I wanted to say something about the degrading, humiliating and diminishing comments he made aboiut the thousands of transgender people that were serving in the US armed forces at the time. 


That led to a collection of musicl icons whose work had touched me throught their songs and who had passed away at a young age. At the same time, I was researching the use of art to treat trauma for those suffering mental health issues and that led to my exhibition, ‘Art, Trauma and Healing’  reflecting on my own experience of healing my childhood traumas during my incarceration through my art.


In 2023, I was awarded a Honorary Exhibitor award for four of my Golden Years series that yoiu can see at: From, The Professional Working Artist Of the Year Awards 2023 by the Visual Artist Association.

The use of vibrant colours, humour, feelings and humanity play an important role in my works and has become my trademark combinatimg in that style, that aim to offer the viewer an intimate view of the world through my eyes.